Leroy “Bill” “Blast” Black
Greenidge Funeral Home

Talk about a hot mess. Or maybe it’s an understanding.

After 55-year-old Leroy Black passed away from lung cancer on Tuesday, two different women placed obituaries of him in the same newspaper. One posting was by his “loving wife Bearetta Harrison Black” who called him “Bill.” His “longtime girlfriend Princess Hall”’s obit referred to Black as “Blast.” Neither woman mentioned the other in her tribute.

The obituaries were put in the paper separately because according to a representative of Greenidge Funeral Home in Atlantic City, N.J., “the wife wanted it one way and the girlfriend wanted it another way,” PhillyVoice.com reports. The rep goes on to say that both women knew of the other’s placement.

Interestingly, both notices list the same funeral and viewing times this weekend, so that should be fun, as one Twitter user noted.


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