South Carolina Volunteer Fire Chief Under Fire for Racist Post Encouraging Cops to Let Black People Kill Each Other

Butch Ghent
Butch Ghent
Screenshot: WSOC 9

A few years ago, The Root’s Michael Harriot wrote what I consider to be a brilliant response to white people’s “Black-on-Black” crime narrative. In the piece, Harriot pointed out all of the most obvious things, such as the fact that the vast majority of violent crime that happens in America is intraracial and the fact that Black people absolutely do care and talk about Black-on-Black crime. But my favorite point made in the article is that the same database that white people cite religiously when arguing that Black people commit the most violent crime per capita, also shows that the vast majority of people of any race don’t commit violent crimes at all. In other words: Around 99 percent of the time white people bring up Black violence in America to a Black person, they’re bringing it up to someone who has never committed a violent crime.


So, white people don’t talk about Black-on-Black crime because they’re concerned with violence in the Black community or even because it’s a sound counter-argument to anti-white violence narratives—they talk about it because they’re racist. It’s really that simple.

Butch Ghent, a volunteer chief of the McDonald Green Volunteer Fire Department in Lancaster County, S.C., would probably tell you he wasn’t being racist when, according to WSOC 9, he suggested on Facebook that police should “Stop responding to these Black neighborhoods,” because Black people “will eventually kill each other, and the fake news won’t have a story.”

But Ghent is so racist that Black people Black-on-Black-crime-ing ourselves into extinction is basically his wet dream, and he’s racist enough to believe that all predominantly Black neighborhoods are dangerous, which is also a common misconception among racist, washcloth-less mother fuckers white people.

After Ghent’s pro-negro-self-extermination post spread across social media and he came under fire (pun absolutely intended), the guy who looks like he could play every slave master ever in a movie apologized for doing “a stupid thing.”

From WSOC 9:

Channel 9 went to Ghent’s house twice on Tuesday. On the second visit, Ghent was home and apologized for the post.

“Sometimes you just do stupid stuff, and I did a stupid thing,” Ghent said.

When asked why he wrote the post, Ghent said he got angry over news reports about the Columbus, Ohio officer who shot and killed a teenage girl who was about to stab another girl with a knife.

He said he’s tired of the media disrespecting police officers but said his word choice was “poor.”

“I just want to apologize to the Black community of Lancaster and all the areas that might have read this thing. I didn’t mean it as an attack on them, but I was after the news media more than anything else,” he said.


Riiiiight, in response to his anger at the “news media,” Ghent encouraged police to stop policing Black communities while fantasizing about some nationwide negro shootout that would leave us all dead—or maybe he’s just racist.

And just to be clear, nobody gives a single solitary fuck about what this David Duke cosplayer thinks about Ma’Khia Bryant’s case.


According to WSOC, Ghent has been a volunteer fire department chief for 21 years—which to me, only means that for more than two decades, Ghent has been accidentally putting on a fireman’s helmet instead of a white hood, and eventually he just said, “fuck it” and ran with the whole chief thing. Lancaster County officials wrote in a statement that “the county cannot take any disciplinary action” against “members of their independent volunteer fire departments” because they aren’t employees of the county.

“However, Lancaster County and County Council take this matter very seriously and urge the fire department to address the matter,” the statement continued.


For what it’s worth, discount Colonel Sanders did say that if the McDonald Green Volunteer Fire Department—which reportedly put Ghent on leave for two weeks while it conducts an internal investigation—voted him out, he would have no problem leaving.

“If they want me to, if they ask me to resign, I’ll resign,” he said.

I mean, if my house was on fire, I definitely wouldn’t want my life in the hands of a white supremacist with a water hose. Historically, that situation has not worked out well for Black people.


Just saying.

Zack Linly is a poet, performer, freelance writer, blogger and grown man lover of cartoons


This has to be some kind of Racist Tourettes Syndrome. It’s like they can’t help it.