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South Carolina Day Care Owner Accused of Striking 4-Year-Old With a Paddle Nicknamed ‘Bob’

Margaret Sue Tennis
Margaret Sue Tennis
Photo: Pickens County, S.C., Detention

A Pickens, S.C., day care director is facing serious charges after she allegedly beat a 4-year-old with a paddle she apparently called “Bob.”


According to Fox Carolina, Margaret Sue Tennis, owner of the Carousel of Learning, was arrested by the local police department and is currently facing assault and battery charges. On Tuesday a judge issued her a $1,902 personal recognizance bond.

The incident unfolded May 15 after police were called to the day care on allegations of child abuse.


Angel Taylor, the child’s mother, said that Tennis used a wooden paddle to spank her 4-year-old son, leaving his bottom completely red. According to Taylor, she was not aware that spanking was a practice at the day care, and only found out about the incident when her son told her.

Angel Taylor and her children
Angel Taylor and her children
Screenshot: Fox Carolina

The mother had five children who went to the day care up until recently. She said that her 11-year-old daughter described the paddle as green with yellow polka dots and having the word “Bob” printed on it.

“I had no idea they did this,” Taylor said. “Why wouldn’t someone tell parents that this happens? I want other parents to be aware.”


Meanwhile, a Carousel of Learning employee told the news station that the allegations are false. Tennis’ husband also denied the allegations, saying that the paddle was not a spanking paddle but, rather, a wooden paint-mixer stick.

The South Carolina Department of Social Services is investigating the incident.

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Ostrea Ostreidae

a wooden paint mixer stick.

....with polka dots and the name “Bob” printed on it? Just because you’re stupid doesn’t mean the rest of us are