According to Player Press, Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas is working with the US Attorney to hash out a plea deal.

According to sources, Arenas' attorney and the DA are discussing a plea bargain in which Arenas would only be charged and convicted of  misdemeanor gun charges. A deal has not been struck yet, and this is not official, however, a deal could be finalized sometime today.

As far as the actual charges that would be filed against Arenas, sources say that they would coincide with the plea, which would enable it to all go down quickly. As far as the actual sentence being discussed, this is not known at this time, however the DA would recommend a sentence but in the end it will come down to the judge's decision.

So Arenas may be out of the legal woods so to speak as the wheels of punishment have begun to spin. Now, all he needs to figure out is how to not lose the 111 million dollars left on his contract that his gun shenanigans very likely voided.


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