And while the entire video is worth watching, the moment of truth occurs around the 1:45 mark. As Lime-a-Racist is attempting to get back on the train, a cup of soup is thrown at him: a moment both glorious and sublime. Think about it: Would you rather get smacked in the face or have a lukewarm cup of thick, yellow soup splashed in it? (The smack, definitely.) And what would feel more cathartic? Smacking a racist or splashing a lukewarm cup of thick, yellow soup at him? (The soup, definitely.) This moment was so perfect that I want to laminate it, shrink it down into a charm and wear it on a chain around my neck. I want to sleep and shower with that moment!

Yesterday, rapper Princess Nokia revealed that she was the soup thrower, an act which should immediately qualify her for sainthood. And earlier today, while in GMG’s Diversity Mafia Slack discussing another act of egregious racism committed against the homies Danielle Young and Genetta Adams last night, Victor Amos suggested that we all follow Princess Nokia’s lead and just carry a spare cup of soup around to throw at racists. And I think that’s the best idea I’ve ever heard.

I’m ready for #SoupOnRacists to be a movement. It’s the perfect response to racism—the perfect answer to that elusive question. I’m ready to drive to Panera Bread or Au Bon Pain or maybe even Bruegger’s Bagels today, and I plan to ask them for five cups of their yellowest, thickest and grittiest souplike substances to hoard and, if the moment calls for it, splash on racist motherfuckers. Who’s with me?