Sotomayor, Ricci, and the Politics of Affirmative Action

Real Clear Politics delivers a fascinating article discussing Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor and her position on Affirmative Action, particularly with regard to Frank Ricci and whether or not he can benefit from it. Sotomayor was on the appellate court that ruled against Ricci in his case against the New Haven Fire Department. The case has brought Affirmative Action back into the political spotlight and the dynamics at play are intriguing: What does a Latina woman Supreme Court nominee tapped by the nation's first Black President President have to say regarding the discrimination case of a white man? Obama stressed the importance of empathy when appointing a judge to the high court and the question being asked now is this: Does this Latina woman truly possess what the President desires?

Since November 4th, Blacks Move Closer to Front of Bus While Gays Tossed Under It

In an opinion piece for Bay Windows, Rev. Irene Monroe discusses the aftermath of Prop 8 and the precarious position of being a Black lesbian at a time when it seems the advancement of one group has come at the expense of another. The ground being covered isn't entirely new though the reverend does take the time to call briefly call President Obama out on the carpet for not being what Lincoln (sort of) was to people in bondage. While the Obama Lovefest is still generally in full force, it does seem interesting that Mr. Yes We Can doesn't seem altogether concerned with the civil rights of the LGBT community. 

Mother Blames Black Guys in Kidnapping Hoax Because…Well She Knew People Would Buy It


According to Bossip, Bonnie Sweeten of Philadelphia didn't seem too interested in being a parent to her two children and, instead of just fleeing in the night like any respectable coward, she decided to fabricate a tale in which two Black men forced her into the trunk of a Cadillac and kidnapped her daughter. Sweeten is no one's criminal mastermind and the cracks in her story would up leading the cops to her and her nine-year old daughter at Disneyworld. Sweeten is in Orlando preparing to be extradited back to Philly to face criminal charges.