Obama to Nominate Sotomayor for Supreme Court

President Obama likes making history. The Associated Press is reporting that Obama will nominate Sonia Sotomayor, a US Circuit Judge to succeed Supreme Court Justice David Souter on the bench upon his retirement. Sotomayor, 54, is the first Hispanic to be nominated for a seat on the high court. Should the nomination be announced, Sotomayor would be the most experienced judge up for Court confirmation in the past 70 years. Her credentials include:

-Bill Clinton nominee for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in 1997. Has been on Circuit bench since 1998.

-George H. W. Bush nominated Sotomayor as a federal judge in 1991. Youngest judge in Southern District of New York, first Hispanic federal judge in the state. Served from 1992 to 1998.

-Assistant district attorney for New York County from 1979 to 1984.

-Graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University in 1976. Law degree from Yale Law School in 1979.


We'd say she's qualified.

Black Ex-Astronaut Named NASA Head; Avery Brooks Reportedly Furious

According to CNN, President Obama has tapped former astronaut Charles Bolden to head up the space program. Before entering the NASA in 1980, Bolden was a Marine general who had flown over 100 sortie missions in Vietnam from 1972-1973. As an astronaut, he flew two shuttle missions and commanded two others. Before entering the private sector, Bolden's administrative experience stretches back to 1986 when he was named safety division chief following the Challenger explosion.


Sade Foregoes Aging, to Release New Album in November

According to Sade2009.com, the ageless songstress will be releasing a new LP in late November after a nearly decade-long hiatus. The album's title has not yet been released, but you can get an early jump and make some room on your quiet storm/red light playlist right about now.