Sorry, Donald Trump, But It's Looking Like College Football Is a Wrap

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As I’m sure you’re all familiar with by now...Donald Trump lives to lie.

His latest flirtation with brazen dishonesty involves college football since apparently he’s feeling some type of way that it’s increasingly unlikely that student-athletes will be taking the field this fall.


On Monday, he tweeted, “Play College Football!” after insisting that college players have “worked too hard for their season to be canceled.” But it was on Tuesday that his Twitter fingers took a breather long enough for him to get some bold-faced lies off on national radio.

According to USA Today, during a spirited discussion with Clay Travis on Fox Sports Radio, Satan’s understudy insisted that players will have no problem battling COVID-19 due to being in “extraordinary shape,” that it “just attacks old people, especially old people with bad hearts, diabetes, or some kind of physical problem,” and that it would be a “tragic mistake” if there wasn’t any college football this fall.

You would think His Bright Orangeness would be a little more compassionate about the delicacy of the situation considering his BFF, Herman Cain, just succumbed to the virus in July. But y’all’s president being y’all’s president, he clearly could give less than a shit about the safety or well-being of anyone not named Donald John Trump—so Twitter pulled out receipts:


Despite his selfish desires, at the end of the day, 45 has zero say on whether or not college football will occur this fall. And as I alluded to earlier, word on the street is that the people who actually make those decisions will be pulling the plug.


The Mid-American Conference has already decided to postpone its season until the spring, and according to CBS Sports, we’ll learn the fates of the Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences at any moment. Sportscaster Dan Patrick already leaked that both conferences are expected to cancel their seasons, while the ACC and Big 12 conferences are reportedly on the fence.


I love sports as much as anyone else does, but we’re talking about unpaid amateur athletes here. It’s just not worth the risk to play for free. So Trump can throw Twitter tantrums to his heart’s content, but I’m sorry, bruh, it’s looking like college football will be a wrap this fall.

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Whenever someone bitches about the loss of sports, remind them that the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Republicans and people who refused to wear a mask. Tell them to take the anger at a lost season, find the nearest Republican or anti-masker and punch them in the throat.