Illustration for article titled Someone Thought It Would Be Hilarious to Put the N-Word on a Theater’si Black Panther/i Sign
Screenshot: Air Force amn/nco/snco (Facebook)

One of America’s finest warriors who protect our freedoms by placing their lives on the line for you and me apparently conjured up the ingenious idea that changing the sign on a movie theater showing Black Panther to “Phat Black Nigger” would be a priceless prank.


It was not.

According to a Facebook post from the Air Force anm/nco/snco page, someone posted a picture of the movie theater on the Camp Hansen Marine base in Okinawa, Japan:

Illustration for article titled Someone Thought It Would Be Hilarious to Put the N-Word on a Theater’si Black Panther/i Sign
Screenshot: Air Force anm/nco/snco (Facebook)

I know what you’re thinking: “But where did they get the two g’s from?” Look, man, that’s not important right now. I need you to focus on the situation at hand. (Also, they got the g’s from the other movie at the theater, Game Night, featuring Jason Bateman, which I’ve heard is pretty good. But I’ve loved Bateman’s quirky comedic acting since Silver Spoons, which was an underrated show. His sister Justine was even ... you know what? Maybe we’re getting off topic a little bit.)

The Air Force authorities said that they checked with the Marine Corps Public Affairs department to see if the photo was real, and the Corps responded with the following statement:

When The Root contacted the base command, the matter was still being investigated. Although they could not reveal any details about leads, the Provost Marshal Office also refused to answer any questions about what they thought of Jason Bateman’s acting (yes, I seriously asked).

The Marine Corps has been under scrutiny recently for a number of racial incidents among its ranks. A Marine was relieved of duty and another disciplined for climbing a building to unfurl banners with racially charged slogans on them in September 2017. (And why are they always climbing buildings to project their idiotic ideology? It’s as if Spider-Man joined the Ku Klux Klan.) In November, a video surfaced of a drunk jarhead drinking and hurling racist insults, including “Fuck niggers.”


While this latest incident might seem innocuous (I don’t mean the “nigger” billboard; I mean my question about Jason Bateman’s movie), it is a perfect tool for sniffing out the culprit in this case, because anyone who went to see Game Night instead of Black Panther either:

a) Has mental health issues and shouldn’t be in the U.S. military, or

b) Is so racist that they can’t stand to see black people on the screen.

In fact, anyone who went to a movie about white people playing gin rummy (I’m just guessing at the plot here) instead of Black Panther is likely the kind of person who’d scale the walls of a billboard to promote a racial epithet. They should probably investigate anyone who bought a ticket to see Game Night.


As a matter of fact, I think they should just round up all the people who didn’t see Black Panther and start there. I mean ... It was right there! What else is there to do on a Marine base in Okinawa, Japan?

OK, I’ll stop. After all, I wouldn’t want to suggest anything that would be misconstrued as anti-American. We all know that you can shout “nigger” from the top of your lungs while kicking in the head of a black man and spreading racism to children (all of which happened this week), as long as you are careful not to commit the cardinal sin in America:

Disrespecting “the troops.”

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