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Someone Must Have Explained to Trump How DACA Works, Because Now He’s All In

Win McNamee/Getty Images
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Partly because nothing can ever be easy in this administration, and partly because the president of the United States has no clue what he’s doing, the pendulum has shifted back in support of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.


That’s right: President Donald von WallBuilder, who commanded his minions to destroy DACA, is now backtracking and working with Democrats to allow the program, which defers deportation for some immigrants and children of immigrants who entered the country illegally, to remain intact.

I know that the same person who tried to tear down DACA is now the same one who appears to be in support of it, but if you are using rational thinking to try to understand anything this administration is doing, I would implore you to stop right now. The best way to try to understand President Douchey McShitFace is to not try to understand him. At this point I think he hates the Republicans, who have yet to approve one piece of legislation he’s tried to ram down their throats, and will do anything to make them look bad.


Donald Trump’s entire presidency up to this point has really just been about trying to undo former President Barack Obama’s legacy. I don’t think the president understood exactly what DACA meant or why it was in place. I think all he heard was that it was one of Obama’s best immigration actions as president, so he wanted it torn down.

On Thursday, President AssFace von TurtleDick took to Twitter to post a note asking his followers if they really wanted to deport young immigrants who know the U.S. as their only home.

If the whole thing sounds bizarre to you, it should. The man who posted this tweet is also the man who had many immigrants living in fear just weeks ago. It’s safe to say that nothing is safe. It’s also safe to note that this administration is more unstable than a certain North Korean dictator we are currently beefing with.


While the president did stress that no deal has been made, my hope is that this orange mass of colostomy waste finds another bone to gnaw on and leaves DACA alone.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.

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Mortal Dictata

I’m guessing there’s a bunch of people on DACA who work at Trump hotels or something for shite pay and he’s just realised he’d have to gasp hire Americans on higher pay if he got rid of them.