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Less than two months after Donald Trump hailed his dumb border wall as a “virtually impenetrable” barrier that couldn’t be breached by “world-class climbers,” officials report that industrious border-crossers have figured out a clever way to bypass the wall:

A saw and a ladder.

The Washington Post reports that people whose level of genius appears to be more stable than America’s dimwitted president have used reciprocating saws outfitted with special blades to remove chunks of the newest sections of fencing. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, multiple agents said they have detected holes large enough for humans and drug packages to pass through the wall while authorities in California and Texas also reported that makeshift ladders built with rebar and rope have been used to defeat the barrier’s “anti-climb panels.” Apparently, White House officials were unaware of the existence of ladders and saws.


The Post reports:

In the San Diego area, smugglers have figured out how to cut the bollards and return them to their original positions, disguising the breaches in the hope that they will go unnoticed and can be reused for repeated passage. Agents said they have learned to drive along the base of the structure looking for subtle defects, testing the metal by kicking the bollards with their boots.

If damage is detected, welding crews are promptly sent to make fixes. The smugglers, however, have returned to the same bollards and cut through the welds, agents say, because the metal is softer and the concrete at the core of the bollard already has been compromised. The smugglers also have tried to trick agents by applying a type of putty with a color and texture that resembles a weld, making a severed bollard appear intact.

Agents in California and Texas said smuggling teams have been using improvised ladders to go up and over the barriers, despite the risk of injury or death from falling; the tallest barriers are approximately the height of a three-story building. Some of the smugglers deploy lightweight ladders made of rebar, using them to get past the “anti-climb panels” that span the top of the barrier.


On Sept. 18, Donald Trump boasted that the wall was the “Rolls Royce version” of his idea to stop migrants, drug smugglers, gangs and various other non-white people from illegally entering the U.S. via the Mexican border. Claiming the wall had been tested with 20 “world-class” mountain climbers, the president’s secret laboratory apparently didn’t consider that there are Home Depot locations in Mexico.

At a cost of $6.5 million per mile, Trump’s 30-foot high border wall will not stop drugs, MS-13, undocumented migrants or sex trafficking, according to almost every independent report and government agency who studied the issue.

The Root found a combination of a cordless saw and the diamond-tipped blade used to breach the wall for less than $100. A 50-foot rope ladder is available on Amazon for $136.


If completed, the border wall is estimated to cost at least $25 billion.

President Trump has generously offered to throw in the racism and stupidity for free.

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