Some Dude Named Mo Brooks Plans to Challenge the Electoral College Over Joe Biden’s Presidency

Mo Brooks
Mo Brooks
Photo: Brynn Anderson (AP)

While I thoroughly enjoyed Mel Brooks’ performance in the Oscar-snubbed Spaceballs, Robinhood: Men in Tights and the beloved Blazing Saddles, I’m not fond of Brooks upcoming plans to challenge the Electoral College votes when Congress officially certifies President-elect Joe Biden’s victory on Jan. 6…


Managing Editor Genetta Adams: Stephen, it’s Mo Brooks not Mel Brooks.

Me: Wait, who is Mo Brooks?

GA: I don’t know. I mean, he’s some Alabama Republican but he’s not Mel Brooks.

Me: So he wasn’t in Spaceballs?

GA: No, but he probably could’ve been in that klan scene in Blazing Saddles

Me: Hiyooooooo!

Yeah, so apparently some nonactor named “Mo,” which is probably short for “Would you like some mo racism, sir? Don’t mind if I do,” plans to challenge the Electoral College because he’s an Alabama Republican, which is like saying he’s a racist racist. Most of my dear readers don’t know this but when a young racist is unsure of his racist ways, he goes to one of the many racist schools in Alabama to specialize his racism and really study the racist ways.

Because “Mo,” which I’m sure is shorthand for “Do you want to be racist? Gimme some mo!” is also a follower of Trump, he’s taken to radio, Twitter, the hills, just about any place that allows him to spout out his bullshittery and claimed that the election was “badly flawed” and that mail-in voting is “unconstitutional.”

“In my judgment, if only lawful votes by eligible American citizens were cast, Donald Trump won the Electoral College by a significant margin, and Congress’s certification should reflect that,” Brooks, who is not Mel but could be related, told Politico. “This election was stolen by the socialists engaging in extraordinary voter fraud and election theft measures.”

And while Brooks’ move is to try and denounce Biden’s victory in Congress is destined to fail, it’s still a tip of the cap to the idiot-in-chief. Brooks also noted that he doesn’t believe that the Supreme Court is “the lawful authority to determine the validity of a state’s electors” because he’s a goddamn fool.


“A lot of time is being wasted in court,” Brooks said. “And so it’s the United States Congress that is the final judge and jury of whether to accept or reject Electoral College submissions by states, and to elect who the president and vice president of the United States might be.”

Meanwhile, courts are continuously knocking down lawsuits submitted by Trump’s attorneys because there was no voter fraud, but no one told the Trump administration this. Well, they did but no one in the Trump administration is listening and that’s a good thing since it’s fun watching losers continue to catch Ls.



Boy, it sure is great that we live in such a free country, where each of us can apparently choose whoever we want for president and that person is our own individual president, no matter what elections, voters, and facts say!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve just gotta set myself on fire before I walk off the fucking roof into traffic...