So, suspected Cleveland rapist/serial killer Anthony Sowell has changed his plea. Initially Sowell pleaded guilty by reason of insanity, but now he's saying he didn't do it at all. For now. From The Cleveland Plain-Dealer

John Parker, one of Sowell's two attorneys, said the plea was changed to not guilty after Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold asked in a pretrial hearing if the defendant could be sent to a clinic for psychiatric evaluation.

"That wasn't appropriate at this time," Parker said, "because we don't have all the information needed for anyone to do a proper evaluation. We still don't have any of our client's background records — military, medical or prison."

Once 'that information is obtained, Parker said, "we could change that plea back to not guilty by reason of insanity if we have good cause to do so."

Parker said the original plea was prematurely entered by a court-appointed attorney on Dec. 3 when Sowell was charged with the rape of two women who were not homicide victims.

While it seems kooky, it makes sense, sort of. Once Sowell enters an insanity plea, the prosecution is going to try to find any way it can to debunk that defense and drop the hammer on him. Said hammer-dropping would be easier if all the ducks weren't in a row, so his lawyers will withdraw that plea until they feel confident in it. Kinda wack, but not legally outrageous.

Either way, homie needs some quiet time away from everyone for…the rest of his natural life.