Kenan Thompson spoofs Al Sharpton on Saturday Night Live
NBC Saturday Night Live Screenshot via Mediaite

Saturday Night Live’s Kenan Thompson last night portrayed Al Sharpton, the civil rights leader-turned-MSNBC talk host, as he fumbled his way through a broadcast about the Secret Service lapses, among other issues, Mediaite reports.

When asked what’s going on with the Secret Service, he said, “It’s a secret.” Thompson joked that the White House intruder was actually able to get all the way to the Lincoln Bedroom and had time to order a sandwich and start watching the Obama family’s personal copy of Lee Daniels’ The Butler, and wasn’t apprehended for an hour, the site says.

Further, he read “PBS” as “Pubis” while attempting to explain statistics on America’s gun culture, “and promised to do everything he can to protect President Obama—that is, every weeknight from 6 to 7 p.m.,” the report says.

Watch the video at Daily Motion.