Slim Thug Has Been Diagnosed With Coronavirus

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Photo: Bob Levey (Getty Images)

Coronavirus is coming for everybody’s neck. The force field we assume surrounds celebrities has been proven false as more and more celebrities and athletes have come forward with their diagnoses. Unfortunately, another name has been added to that list.


Slim Thug took to Instagram to reveal that he has tested positive for COVID-19. In his video, he explains that he initially experienced mild symptoms such as a fever and a cough that have since gotten better. The Houston rapper said he contracted the virus despite taking measures to social distance himself and stay inside. A quick glimpse at his account and you’ll see that he’s been documenting his time in self-quarantine and has been encouraging his followers to take the disease seriously

Slim Thug is known for the series of bangers he released through the early 2000s. Some of his most notable features include Beyoncé’s “Check On It,” Clipse’s “Wamp Wamp,” off Hell Hath No Fury and Mike Jones’ “Still Tippin’.” If you, like me, went hard on Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition in middle school then you may also remember his song “Like A Boss.”

I’m happy to see that he’s doing well and I hope he makes a quick recovery.

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Petey Wheatstraw The Devil Son in law

You should check out some of his new music, Slim shit slaps hard as fuck. Love Slim, met him in ATL a few years ago when my ex worked at magic city LOL! Dude is like legit down to earth as fuck. Super low key tho. Stay in good health Silm. much love.