Slim Dunkin (left); Vinson Hardimon (SOHH)

The alleged killer of Atlanta rapper Slim Dunkin has turned himself in to authorities.

Vinson Hardimon, 28, also known as rapper Young Vito, surrendered after he was fingered as the prime suspect by Atlanta police.


The murder of Dunkin on Dec. 16 sent shockwaves through the city and the hip-hop community. Dunkin, who was affiliated with Waka Flocka's Bricksquad, was a young up-and-coming MC that many in Georgia were latching on to. According to witnesses, Dunkin was shot in the chest after a fight allegedly started over a piece of candy.

In the last few days, Atlanta police, out of fear for Hardimon's safety, began to send him messages through the media to turn himself in. Since the shooting, Hardimon, who wore dreadlocks and had a goatee, has been clean shaven.


Hardimon had been arrested four times in the past on weapons charges.

Any man who would turn himself in to police has to fear for his life. And while we will refrain from calling Waka Flocka's entourage a crew of thugs, rapping about cocaine and guns in every other rhyme probably qualifies you as a group of people to be scared of.


Read more at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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