Slay Titans in This Week’s Good-Ass Games at Good-Ass Prices

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Well, y’all. Between the countless bots and the global superconductor shortage, it’s looking like obtaining a PS5 or Xbox Series X is going to be a hassle for the foreseeable future. Though, as a wise man once said, that ain’t no problem. There are plenty of bangers you may have slept on the last console generation, and better yet, you can get them for pretty cheap!


So instead of lamenting the future, let’s take a look at some of the low-key heat this generation has produced.

Titanfall 2, $2.99 (Xbox)

In my humble opinion, this was the best first-person shooter of the last console generation. The campaign is easily one of the finest in the genre. There’s inventive level design! A compelling story! Strong gameplay! Giant robots! Considering that most shooters have either been content to focus on multiplayer, with the campaign being an afterthought if it’s even there, Titanfall 2 stands out by delivering a complete package.

From a multiplayer standpoint, this is easily my favorite multiplayer shooter. It’s simply a masterclass on emergent gameplay. There are quite a few gameplay mechanics at your disposal, and once you get a handle on all of them the combat in this game fucking sings. Getting kills while sprinting across a wall or piloting your titan is simply a blast. If you’ve played the spin-off game, Apex Legends, then the fluid mobility should come naturally to you.

If you’ve never played Titanfall 2, you’ve been missing out on one of the most innovative first-person shooters to come out in the last decade.

Prey and Dishonored 2 Bundle, $25.99 (PlayStation)

Can’t even front, I haven’t played Dishonored 2, so I can’t personally say how good the game is. Having played the first game though, if what I’ve been told about Dishonored 2 is correct, then you’re getting a banger of an action-stealth title. The Dishonored games gradually give you access to unique supernatural powers and weapons, throw you into cleverly designed stages, and essentially tell you to handle your mission however you see fit. If you want to run and gun, you can. If you want to creep and keep it on the down low, you can.


I have played Prey though, and let me tell ya, if you’re looking for a first-person shooter that’ll creep the shit out of you, this is it. You’re trapped on a space station that’s been overrun by alien creatures that can shapeshift into anything. Anything. It creates this perpetual sense of fear because nothing is what it seems.

This game had the misfortune of releasing at the tail-end of a string of great spring 2017 releases, so it sadly flew under the radar. If you happened to miss out on either of these games, what better time to give them a look? If you have Xbox Game Pass, you can download both of these games right now.


Sunset Overdrive, Free on Xbox Game Pass

So now that we’ve reached the twilight years of the Xbox One’s lifespan, I think it’s safe to say that Sunset Overdrive was perhaps the only good Xbox One exclusive. It certainly was the best. Developer Insomniac Games came out swinging in 2014 with a post-apocalyptic shooter that was essentially a giant middle finger to the grim-dark, beige and grey dystopias that had come to define the genre. The game sports an exuberant, over-the-top style that can only be described as an R-rated Saturday morning cartoon. The bright colors, unique open-world design, and platformer-based combat makes this a shooter that still stands out from anything else on the market right now.


Insomniac’s purchase by Sony and their recent registering of the Sunset Overdrive trademark has renewed hope that the dormant franchise may see a sequel. I can only hope that should a sequel be released, I’ll actually be able to purchase a PS5 to play it.

So that does it for me folks! In terms of new releases, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition dropped this weekend and you can bet your ass I’m ready to revisit the world of Commander Shepard. Switch gamers can hit up Best Buy or Walmart this weekend and cop Super Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, or Xenoblade Chronicles for 20 dollars off.


As always stay safe, cop that vaccine if you can, and play more video games.

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Damn TF2 for $3?????

But this weekend if for replaying ME Trilogy remastered. Goodbye social life.