Slavery Video Game Coming Soon?

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Slavery, the video game: The company that makes Slavery the Game, reportedly available in spring 2012, advertises that players can "buy slaves, discipline them and exploit them' for capital gain. If you think this is unbelievable, you may be right: Many sources are calling the game a hoax and theorizing that the creator just wants to bring in publicity for future endeavors.


Newark schools see benefits of Zuckerberg's $100 million: The Huffington Post's Rebecca Carrol says that as a new school year gets under way, the effects of the Facebook founder's donation are beginning to take shape.

Lawsuit charges racial bias in redistricting: A group of plaintiffs made up largely of Latinos and African Americans is accusing Texas Republican lawmakers of racial discrimination in their effort to secure GOP political power at a time when the state is experiencing significant growth among minorities.


Shaunie O'Neal attacked on Twitter: "What Chilli Wants" dating expert Tionna Smalls and other celebs criticized Shaunie via the social networking site after last night's episode of Basketball Wives: L.A. Tionna led the charge by calling her a "bird" for using the antics of the other stars of the show for her own financial gain.

In other news: MLK Parade Bombing Suspect Pleads Guilty.

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