We're all aware of what went down this summer in Cambridge. Drama. Intrigue. Handcuffs. Beer.

Dr. Gates' arrest has box office gold written all over it. But who would play the essential cast of characters in this mid-summer tour de force?

The Daily Beast has been casting 2009: The Movie and in casting Skip Gates: The movie, they've come up with a rogue's gallery of Hollywood luminaries

Jeffrey Wright - Dr. Gates

Tim Blake Nelson - Sgt. Crowley

Michael Clarke Duncan - Sgt. Lashley

Richard Roundtree - Charles Ogletree

Donal Logue - Robert Gibbs

Will Smith - Barack Obama

Megan Mullally - 911 Caller Wendy Murphy

The Buzz would love to throw some snarky shade here, but the list is pretty good. What do you think of the casting?