Six Brown Chicks Repair Their Friendship With Iyanla's Help

Six Brown Chicks (

Essence's Charli Penn checks in with the ladies of the popular blog to find out what they learned from the OWN host and one another.

When the friendship between the women behind the popular lifestyle blog Six Brown Chicks fell apart, their blog did too. Suddenly, these dynamic women — authors, business owners, philanthropists and relationship counselors who came together with a vision of empowering other women through their combined testimonies — were divided on seemingly everything.

Their disputes became very public and eventually their blog shut down and their bonds were broken. The situation became so intense that the blog's creator, author and journalist Zondra Hughes, reached out to inspirational guru Iyanla Vanzant for help understanding what went wrong. "I wanted an autopsy of the Six Brown Chicks' sudden death," Hughes tells us. Vanzant and the cameras from her hit OWN show Iyanla Fix My Life stepped in to help. Vanzant invited all six ladies to come together for a weekend and requested that they stay together, like it or not, until they came clean with each other and dissected their issues. "Their circumstantial evidence painted me as the primary suspect," Hughes adds.

When Vanzant urged them to look at why their friendship fell apart and how they could move forward together, viewers watched along as the women revealed feelings of betrayal and heartbreak …


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