Icelandair’s logo on the tail wing of a Boeing 757

With the holidays comes lots of traveling, and in between trips, the thought of sipping on a relaxing cocktail might sound appealing … unless it’s an “Apartheid” cocktail, which was what Icelandair was offering, Talking Points Memo reports.

According to the news site, the controversial cocktail made it to Twitter when user @AfricasaCountry tweeted out the menu boasting the drink—made of vodka, stout liqueur, cream and roasted hazelnuts—to guests at Icelandair’s Hotel Reykjavík Marina.  


Icelandair officials first thought to tweet back to the user, saying to enjoy the “simply scrumptious” drink.

It took a second for the true meaning behind the drink’s name to hit them, according to TPM.


Read more at Talking Points Memo.


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