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Did your election night party cheer or gasp when Michelle Obama strode out on stage in her bold black and red dress? Was there a collective pause among your friends and family or were people too overjoyed to care when watching history in the making? Folks across the Web have been debating the pros and cons of Michelle's selection and pulled together a quick round-up of reviews. What did you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.


Washington Post: A Role That Nicely Suits the Next First Lady
By Robin Givhan
It was as perfectly color-coordinated as a family Christmas card portrait…The color matching declares loudly: We are a family. We are in this together. And don't we take a nice picture?

NYTimes: That Dress? Everyone Has an Opinion
By Ruth La Ferla

Mrs. Obama's addition of a black cardigan sweater did nothing to subdue the look. The sweater seemed to throw off the dress's proportions and obliterate its lines, detractors said. Jeff Weinstein, a fine arts and culture critic who writes on the Web, was among many who found the speckled red pattern distracting. "It was definitely a lava lamp look,'' he said, "with a volcanic nod to her hubby's Hawaii."


USAToday: Michelle Obama's dress fails to garner winning vote
"I thought she looked great. It was a statement dress. It was a little artsy: visually bold, visually striking. It's a dress that
you notice," Bridget Foley, executive editor of W magazine and Women's Wear Daily said.

Boston Herald: Despite slipup, stylists eager for bold choices from Michelle Obama
By Jill Radsken

Maybe the bandage detail on Michelle Obama's election night dress was a giveaway. That red-and-black Narciso Rodriquez number was, after all, her first fashion boo-boo … "I liked that she was daring," said Marc Karimzadeh, designer
sportswear editor for Women's Wear Daily. "When I saw the dress, I was excited."

"I think the fact that she chose a Narciso Rodriguez sends a great signal to the fashion industry. We won't just be watching Michelle Obama for her intelligence, but also for her fashion choices," he said.

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