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Should Weiner Step Down?

Rep. Anthony Weiner (Getty Images)
Rep. Anthony Weiner (Getty Images)

Politico reports that nearly half of New York City voters say Rep. Anthony Weiner should resign after admitting that he exchanged sexually suggestive messages with a half-dozen women and lied about it.


A poll found that 46 percent of New Yorkers want him to quit, 41 percent say he should stay in office and 13 percent are unsure (maybe they're waiting for the scandal to finish revealing itself before they decide just how bad it was).

Interestingly, men were more critical of him; 50 percent (versus 42 percent of women) want him out. And a larger percentage of women — 19 percent — were undecided about Weiner's fate, compared with 7 percent of men.


Before the scandal broke, Weiner was seriously considering a run for mayor of New York City in 2013. Looks like it might be time to reconsider. Now only 11 percent said that they would vote for him.

In our view, his actions were bad, but he really did himself in with the (pretty convincing) lies about being hacked. Even so, he might not suffer the consequences that the 46 percent who want him out of office would like. For all we know, he could end up following in the steps of his New York sex scandal predecessor, Eliot Spitzer, and be rewarded with his own cable news show. New poll: What percentage of people would tune in for that?

Read more at Politico.

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