Obama leaves for vacation amid controversy. (Getty)
Obama leaves for vacation amid controversy. (Getty)

There is controversy brewing over President Obama's family vacation in Martha's Vineyard. Some feel that he should not be on vacation at a time when the nation is in such a fragile state. Others think that it's a slap in the face to the downtrodden and unemployed.


Karen Kaplan of the Los Angeles Times is reporting that a vacation could be great for President Obama, citing an expert that says vacations are not a luxury — they are a necessity. Kaplan's article says that stress relief is one of the major benefits of a vacation.

If anyone needs to blow off stress, then it should be President Obama, who has been taking a beating by the public, politicians and the press. Besides, if the country didn't begrudge President George W. Bush finishing his vacation during Hurricane Katrina and then flying over the site instead of stopping when returning from said vacation, then certainly President Obama can have a few days of leisure with his family. We're just saying …

Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

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