Already an agent for athletes in the NBA and MLB, Jay-Z is working on obtaining his NFL certification, but Fox Sports' Jason Whitlock argues sarcastically that the rapper has built a music empire by creating "self-destructive and seductive" rhymes and should stay in his lane.

Pete Rozelle, Paul Tagliabue, Roger Goodell and the league's television partners have worked diligently to make football as American as mom and apple pie.

Jay-Z has worked diligently to make n*gga rap as unwittingly self-destructive and seductive as possible.

Despite its reliance on young African-American athletes, the NFL has made the wise business choice of keeping some significant distance between itself and the youth music culture enthusiastically consumed and followed by many of its young employees.

Unless Durant and Cano plan to moonlight as rappers, Jay-Z has nothing of value to offer them or the sports world. His marketing genius and innovation are myths.

Read Jason Whitlock's entire piece at Fox Sports.

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