So many questions and very few answers have been doled out about the upcoming season of Scandal.

Shonda Rhimes, the show's creator, has remained mum on what we should expect when the third season begins Oct. 3, but in an interview on Vulture, she indulges Gladiators with a couple of small details, specifically about the show's heroine, Olivia Pope.

There's a moment in the second scene of the first episode where you sort of discover that the Olivia you know now is a very different person than she used to be. I feel like we're discovering that Olivia's in this very interesting state of evolution, and we have no idea where she's going to be at the end of this season.


Those who want more will just have to wait. Rhimes on giving any information about Fitz, the president with whom Olivia had an ongoing affair throughout seasons 1 and 2: "I can't say anything about him that's not a spoiler!" Rhimes does open up about her infamous comment that she takes no notes from ABC and the differences between working on her other show, Grey's Anatomy, and Scandal.

Read more at Vulture.

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