She’s Our Hero: In HBO’s Watchmen, Regina King Kicks White Supremacist Ass

Black women do it again.

In HBO’s Watchmen, the queen, Regina King, plays Angela Abar, a superhero who kicks white supremacist ass. We stan.


For the record, Regina King has always been a superhero in our eyes—only difference is that this time, Hollywood gave her a flyyy (presumably) leather ‘fit, a rosary, and a mask.

For Angela, the objective is clear: Stop racists and white supremacists. Sadly, racism is almost as American as apple pie—in reality and in the fictional world of Watchmen.


“Race is a big part of America’s fabric. Race and racism,” says King.

Our queen has returned—let us rejoice. See the entire video above.

Watchmen premieres Sunday, Oct. 20 on HBO at 9 p.m. ET.

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Dan H

I watched Watchmen last night and HOLY SHIT!!! It was good the first 15 minutes alone....OMG!!!!!