Shannon Sharpe to Fox Sports’ Clay Travis: ‘I Don’t F--k With You. Don’t Make Me Lose My Job’

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So those on the right have this thing where they say completely triggering comments that would have a triggering effect on any sane, rational, thinking human person with compassion and empathy, only so that they can say “triggered” after you’ve gone there. It’s a game for them.

On Monday, Fox Sports’ Clay Travis decided he was going to come for former NFL player Shannon Sharpe, who has been vocal about his support for still-unemployed NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.


Here’s Sharpe in 2016 breaking down why Kaepernick’s protest mattered.

Sharpe’s feelings haven’t changed, and now that the 2017-2018 NFL season is on the horizon, the issue of Kaepernick and his protest against the killings of unarmed black men, women and children is back in the news.

Recently, former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis joined Sharpe and co-host Skip Bayless to discuss a conversation Lewis had had with Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti on whether the Ravens should take a chance on Kaepernick.

What does Fox Sports’ Clay Travis have to do with this conversation? Nothing. Not one thing. But, of course, Travis decided to troll Sharpe and Bayless on Twitter.


Then, Travis’ real reason for reaching out became clear. Like most trolls and online bullies, he really just wanted to be friends.


But Sharpe had no time today, and he wanted to let Travis know that he wasn’t here for his fuck shit.


Like Sharpe told Travis, enjoy your day.

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