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Serena says she's not dating country singer: Serena Williams and up-and-coming country music star Jake Owen started a few rumors when they dined at Matsuhisa restaurant in Los Angeles recently, but that didn't last long. Madamenoir reports that the tennis pro took to Twitter to clear things up, saying, "I NEVER address rumors but this one I will. I am not dating @jakeowen. He is a great guy with a super amazing girlfriend" and "Its not fair to me to Jake or his girlfriend to say we r dating when u just hang out and have dinner with friends. So stop the lies!!"

John Lewis discusses MLK's influence: In this video from BET, the member of Congress and civil rights legend discusses Martin Luther King Jr.'s impact on his life.


Five possible names for Beyoncé's baby: The list from Uptown magazine starts with Jayoncé and then gets even more creative. Let's hope the parents come up with their own ideas.

Conrad Murray trial: Defense drops claim that Jackson drank propofol: Dr. Murray's defense has abandoned a theory that it touted for over a year that Michael Jackson swallowed the drug that killed him, an abrupt shift in strategy that potentially undermines its case, the Huffington Post reports. The reason: The defense had learned that its claim that the singer swallowed the anesthetic propofol while Murray was out of the room in June 2009 can't be supported with scientific evidence.

In other news: Anita Hill on Race, Equality and Opportunity.

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