Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade (Getty Images)

Yahoo News is reporting that activists in Senegal are vowing to keep up their protests unless the president's son resigns from his government position.

Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade has been in power for more than a decade, and critics fear thathe is trying to pave the way for his son Karim to succeed him.


After protests in the capital Thursday, the 85-year-old president agreed to cancel a proposed legislative change that would have made it easier for his son to take over. Karim Wade currently serves as minister of state, but a coalition of 60 organizations is calling for his resignation.

While politics can be a family affair, in this political climate, particularly in various parts of Africa, trying to hand over power to your son is not very prudent. We're still trying to figure out why people think that after being in office for 10 years, the country would want another member of that family to run the country. Karim Wade has been a major part of the government, but we think it's safe to assume that there are others who could run the country. It will be interesting to see if Karim Wade resigns or is forced out because of the alleged attempt to manipulate the system in his favor.

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