Sen. Rand Paul Offers to Buy Rep. Ilhan Omar a Plane Ticket Back to Somalia

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Republican Rand Paul is Kentucky’s junior senator, which is kind of like starting on a JV squad. He’s a scout team member who is not really ready for primetime. He sits at the kids’ table during Thanksgiving and yet, despite that, Paul is still in the running to become Trump’s favorite grape feeder.


In the ongoing fight between Paul, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and anal plug Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) to become Trump’s favorite footstool, Paul may be emerging as the come-from-behind longshot to take over Graham’s No. 1 spot.

Performing for an audience of one, Kentucky’s favorite vomit bag, and “one of the fiercest political critics of socialized medicine” who took his ass to Canada to have hernia surgery, offered to buy Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) a plane ticket to visit her home country of Somalia so that she could become more appreciative of her American home.

“I’m not saying we forcibly send her anywhere,” Paul said in an interview last week with Breitbart News, a conservative-leaning outlet that will never get linked to at The Root as long as Maze is still featuring Frankie Beverly. “I’m willing to contribute to buy her a ticket to go visit Somalia. I think she can look and maybe learn a little bit about the disaster that is Somalia.”

From the Courier-Journal:

Omar is one of four congresswomen — known as “The Squad” — who President Donald Trump told to “go back” to their ancestors’ countries instead of criticizing U.S. policies.

A few days later, Trump held a campaign rally in North Carolina where the crowd chanted “send her back” when the president spoke of Omar, a Somalian refugee who came to the U.S. as a child.

Trump condemned the chant when later asked by reporters but then called those who attended the rally “patriots” in subsequent comments.

The Kentucky Republican, who once got his ass kicked by his neighbor, talked mad shit about the East African country, noting that they have “no capitalism” or “God-given rights” under a constitution.

In the tone of the early colonizers, Paul then noted that Omar “might come back and appreciate America more” after visiting Somalia.


Isn’t it just like a white man to assume that a brown woman doesn’t know the horrors of her own country? Omar was born in Mogadishu in 1982 and left the wartorn country and arrived in New York in 1992. She’s fully aware of the work that needs to be done in both her homes—Somalia and America.

Omar said in a recent op-ed to the New York Times that the “send her back” chant “will be a defining moment in American history.”


“Throughout history, demagogues have used state power to target minority communities and political enemies, often culminating in state violence,” Omar said in the op-ed. “Today, we face that threat in our own country, where the president of the United States is using the influence of our highest office to mount racist attacks on communities across the land.”

Paul, much like his Republican cohorts competing to give Trump a kidney he doesn’t need, has defended Trump, claiming the president is not a racist.


Remember, when Trump called African nations “shithole countries” it was Kentucky’s junior senator who said the comments weren’t constructive but that it was “unfair” to label the president a racist. Paul, who is fighting to become the president’s most trusted back-hair shaver, was even tapped by the president—who totally lied at first but then confirmed—to help with negotiations with Iran, the Courier Journal reports.

Paul also told Breitbart that he has many immigrants and refugees in the city of Bowling Green where he lives and they are great citizens who know their place and are thankful to be in America.


Yeah, nothing about this is even remotely misogynistic or even remotely racist. But isn’t it just like a white man to act like he’s America’s father and gets to determine who gets to come into America’s house and how they should behave?

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.


This is some sick BS. I’ll buy him a ticket back to Germany, where his family came from, and whose ethos they apparently hold dearly to.