Nope, everyone wants to talk about Booker’s love life.

“First of all, there’s two more years until I might fulfill this duty. So give me some time. My girlfriend’s probably listening to this,” Booker said when talking about his being a bachelor.


“You don’t want to marry somebody now,” Charlamagne Tha God quipped back. “Once you start getting hot, you might become president. She might just want you for that.”

“Before I’m declared president, I’m dating somebody that’s really special to me,” Booker said, The Hill reports.


“Oh, so Cory Booker’s got a boo?” the radio host asked.

“I got a boo,” Booker, 49, said with a chuckle.

So there you have it, Booker’s got a boo. But we really have to get past this notion of involving ourselves inside a politician’s private life. Dating is the right of the unmarried. It’s an earned and inherent Constitutional right. I think it’s the amendment that is right after “thou shalt not worry about how another man or woman spends their nights.”


And all of this has to do with the Obamas, and I totally get it. The Obamas were black America’s first royal family, and because they were both so stunningly amazing and personable and effortlessly cool and unapologetically black, we want that again, but that will never happen again. Never. Life doesn’t work like that. Black lighting doesn’t strike twice.

Unless Jay or Beyoncé run for office, I don’t see it happening.

But that didn’t stop the hosts of The Breakfast Club from wondering aloud whether this mystery woman would make a good first lady. To which Booker replied, “Yes, she would.”


The host did entertain the idea that a candidate’s personal life shouldn’t factor into how they might govern. Co-host Angela Yee said, “It didn’t affect Donald Trump and the terrible things he’s done in his personal life, and he still managed to be president.”

“I was about to say,” Booker interjected. “I think that if Donald Trump can get elected president at this point with the personal life that he has, then anybody [can],” The Hill reports.


Even Booker had to note that talking about his relationship made him a little bit uncomfortable.

“What have we gotten myself into right now?” he exclaimed. “[Of] all the issues we talked about, this is the most uncomfortable part of this interview.”


And it should be because it’s none of our business. Unless he’s dating Rihanna because I think she’d make a fabulous first lady.