Self Made and Snatching Wigs: How Netflix's Madam C.J. Walker-Inspired Series Authentically Styled Black Hair on Set

Madam C.J. Walker is a history-making black woman. Born in 1867 (two years after the end of slavery), she grew up on a plantation and went on to become the nation’s first female millionaire. Let that sink in.


The entrepreneur knew the importance of black women and hair, and capitalized on it. The world eventually caught on—today over a century after Madam’s time, black haircare is a billion-dollar industry.

For Madam C.J. Walker’s shining example, and her elixirs that work to restore edges, we are grateful.


Now, Netflix is bringing this inspiring story to the masses. Self Made is a four-part series that chronicles the life of Madam C.J. Walker. Y’all, the Octavia Spencer executive-produced film has got some lewks. Shoutout to hair slayer Shannon Bakeman, who designed all of Madam C.J. Walker’s wigs.

Ahead of Self Made, The Root chatted with actor Octavia Spencer to find out how as an executive producer, she made sure the film nailed all of those black hair lewks. See the entire video above.

Self Made premieres on Netflix March 20.

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I’ve never seen Octavia Spencer act, but I have seen her raise the dead and bring the fictional to life!