Secret Service Scandal Is Wake-Up Call About Sex Tourism

AFP/Getty Images
AFP/Getty Images

Ebony's Jamila Aisha Brown says that the recent drama following President Obama's Colombia trip provides a look at the far-too-common practice of traveling for sex.


Much like the how the U.S.’s appetite for narcotics fuels the War on Drugs another illicit multi-billion dollar market booms — sex.

Sex tourism in Latin American and the Caribbean has grown alongside the formal tourist industry at an alarming rate.  Each year millions of men AND women from the western world travel south looking to get their groove on and their groove back.


Encouraged by Washington-based organizations like the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank, developing nations have become heavily reliant on the direct foreign investment and currency tourism brings into its fledgling economies.  However with major tourist locations have also come a loss of land and sustainable farming and fishing, leaving many with few options but to cater foreign travelers in both the formal and informal economy.

Read Jamila Aisha Brown's entire piece at Ebony.

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