Seattle Seahawks Postpone Colin Kaepernick Workout Over the Former Quarterback’s Protest Stance: Report

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Colin Kaepernick was set to work out with the Seattle Seahawks this week, but team officials decided to “postpone” (read: cancel) the trip after Kaepernick would not commit to stopping his protest during the national anthem against the killings of unarmed black men, women and children by police.


According to ESPN, the Seahawks claim that they are still considering bringing the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback in for a workout, assuming, of course, that he stops his pesky protesting and added that the decision on the quarterback is not final.

The Seahawks reportedly reached out to the quarterback—who has been a free agent since 2017, when he opted out of his contract with the 49ers—earlier this month. Some travel plans were arranged, but those plans were shut down after the Seahawks learned that Kaepernick wasn’t willing to commit to ending his kneeling protest, ESPN reports.

The sports site notes that a day before Kaepernick was deposed by NFL lawyers regarding his claim that league owners colluded to keep him out of the NFL, he was supposed to be auditioning for a job with Seattle, and now we know why that didn’t happen.

This bombshell comes just days after Pro Bowl safety Eric Reid, a former 49ers teammate of Kaepernick’s and the first to kneel alongside Kap, didn’t receive an offer from the Cincinnati Bengals—a team so rotten that they literally were a bastion of hope for some of the NFL’s most reprehensible players—because he, too, wouldn’t commit to stop protesting no matter what happened.

ESPN notes that no team has even given Kaepernick a workout since he became a free agent, but in this year of our lord Odell Beckham Jr., Robert Griffin III has a job in the NFL, and it isn’t selling beer.


The Seahawks are reportedly working through their backup situation and expect an obscure quarterback who probably hasn’t played since youth football to be named as the clipboard carrier behind starter Russell Wilson.

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