Seattle Police Release More Video of Charleena Lyles Shooting

Charleena Lyles (@stevenjhsieh via Twitter)
Charleena Lyles (@stevenjhsieh via Twitter)

Seattle police released the 911 call, additional surveillance video and details of the Charleena Lyles shooting on Thursday, less than a week after officers opened fire on the pregnant mother with her children present in her Seattle apartment.


Taken from a surveillance camera in the hallway of Lyles’ fourth-floor apartment, the video shows the 24 hours before two police officers shot the 30-year-old Lyles multiple times after they accused her of attacking them with knives, according to Seattle Patch.

In the Sunday 911 call, Lyles reports a break-in, telling the operator that she “noticed some stuff missing” after a trip to the store. Lyles told the 911 operator that her children were in the house with her. The surveillance video from the apartment hallway does not show anyone other than Lyles entering her apartment.

Earlier this week, the city released the dashcam audio from moments before the shooting, in which the officers noted that she had trouble with them before. Police officials also noted that neither officer was carrying a Taser, although both were carrying less-than-lethal weapons and had gone through de-escalation training.

The shooting has sparked protests across the city, angering activists as the Lyles family demands answers. Although the Seattle Police Department released video and audio from the shooting days after the incident, Lyles’ criminal history was revealed hours after she was gunned down.

Listen to the audio of the 911 call below.


Read more at Seattle Patch.

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