Tanya and Dale Shannon at the holiday party before the crash

WGN-TV is reporting that authorities in LaSalle County, Ill., have suspended the search for a woman who vanished after a car crash that killed her husband. The search may resume at the end of the week if the weather warms and ice melts in the area. Tanya Shannon, 40, disappeared early Sunday. Police think she walked away from the accident. Her husband, Dale Shannon, 41, was killed when he lost control of the car — hitting a utility pole. Investigators found footprints leading away from the crash but have not seen or heard from Tanya Shannon since. It has been reported that the Shannons were happily married parents of four daughters, ages 4 to 15. They were leaving a holiday party when the accident occurred. Tanya Shannon was wearing a bright red dress and a thin fleece hoodie when she staggered off into the brutal cold. The wind chill has been subzero or in the teens the last three days, and the relentless wind has hampered the rescue efforts. This is truly tragic, especially during the holidays.

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