Sean Spicer’s Latest Lie: I ‘Have Not Knowingly’ Lied to America

 Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Former White House press secretary Sean “Spicy Facts” Spicer is such a liar that he really believes that he didn’t “knowingly” lie to America.


In an interview with Good Morning America on Thursday, his first since his “Normalizing-Hate World Tour” appearance at the Emmys, in which he joked about his lie regarding inauguration attendance, Spicer was asked if he’d ever lied to the American people. He claimed, “I have not knowingly done anything to ... do that.”

He also said, “I made mistakes, there’s no question. Some of them I tried to own very publicly,” Politico reports. “I think I could have probably had more facts at hand and been more articulate in describing the entirety of what that day was about.”

Nah, son, but I hear you, though. Spicy was a liar—a practiced liar, a malicious liar. He came in lying about the size of the president’s inauguration crowd. He made statements that were easy to prove false, like Trump winning the most electoral votes of any Republican since Ronald Reagan. Or when he claimed that there were some 15 million people in the country illegally.

You can read most of Spicy Facts’ lies here.

But his lies weren’t only lies; they were dangerous and continued to fuel a false narrative that has led to the emboldening of white supremacy. But let’s act like all of this never happened once Spicy leaves the administration, which he only left because he was upset that Anthony Scaramucci, aka Scaramucci Mane, was going to be his boss. So it isn’t as if Spicy had a call to conscience, or that he just couldn’t be a part of an administration that was spreading vile ideologies ad nauseam; he left because he got passed over.

So now Spicy is on his “Revisionist Retelling of Mad Lies and Shit Tour,” and I can’t blame him. He’s jobless, and we all know that when you’re jobless, that résumé starts getting fudged left and right. You try to play up that three-month work gap as “book research” or “PTA involvement.”

The problem with Spicer is that I don’t think you get to be the mouthpiece for hate and then completely redefine yourself once you’re given the boot.


Maybe this is the chameleon, transforming ability of whiteness. I’ve only known the saying, “To be black means you have to be twice as better,” but I never thought about the inverse, which would basically read, “To be white ... well, that’s it; you’ve won!”

Spicer told correspondent and weekend host Paula Faris that Trump never asked him to flat-out lie, but stumbled when asked to clear up why he refused to acknowledge that Trump’s travel ban against Muslims was, in fact, a travel ban.


“I would definitely say that I wish we had been more consistent from the beginning in terms of the terms we would use and the goals we were trying to achieve,” he said.

Spicer also said that “there are things I did during my time there that I need to go out and correct, and I did that,” Politico reports.


Spicer added that he wouldn’t be giving out a “blanket apology” for his tenure in the White House; and of course he took one more dig at the media, which, he claimed, “think that everything we did was wrong.”

It’s amazing to me the levels at which whiteness is accepted. Spicer was not only a liar; he was an emphatic, prop-carrying, flag-waving, indignant spreader of hate. He was the mouthpiece for an administration that has made no bones about its willingness to flat-out lie. And in the end, when it has all gone to shit, Spicy Facts can still book appearances and re-create himself as a simple man who was just doing his job, which he admits he could have done better.


Except the only way he could have done this job better is not to be such a deplorable liar. But then, of course, he wouldn’t have been hired, and he knows that.

Don’t embrace this lying-ass liar. He was complicit in the destruction of the White House once he took to the podium and opened his mouth, and he hasn’t stopped lying since he left.


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Honestly seeing how fast and willing white supposed allies are to normalize Spicer convinces me that Trump and co. will walk away from this whole thing with no consequences.