School Hands Out Belts to Stop the Sag

Claudio E. Cabrera

Administrators at a South Carolina school are tired of seeing their students with pants hanging off their behinds. So what are they doing about it?

Northwestern High School Principal James Blake decided it was time to start handing out belts.


"We see kids with their britches hanging down all the time," assistant football coach and administrative assistant William Cureton told the Herald of Rock Hill. "We want to change the culture."

The school, which used to hand out disciplinary write-ups for anyone who wore sagging pants, felt it was time to change the rule because no one was paying attention.

"We're willing to try anything in order to give the kids an opportunity to do the right thing," Blake said. Students who are cited for wearing sagging pants will be able to rent out a belt for a day.

What do you think of schools handing out belts? Also, what do you think of the idea that people can't wear what they want in this day and age?


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