Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.), Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Jake (Scott Foley) come up with a plan to find Huck. (Scott Everett White/ABC)
Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.), Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Jake (Scott Foley) come up with a plan to find Huck. (Scott Everett White/ABC)

If you recall, a couple of episodes ago, Huck was shot three times by his new lady friend, Meg, who turned out to be working for Sarah, the woman who for some yet-to-be discovered reason forced Papa Pope to kill President-elect Frankie Vargas. We’ve all been waiting to find out whether Huck was dead or alive ... and, if he was still alive, how the hell was that possible??


The question loomed even larger during this week’s episode when we learned that after Meg shot Huck and killed Jennifer Fields, she threw their presumably dead bodies into the trunk of her car and shoved it off a cliff into a lake. You might have assumed it was over for good ol’ Huck. ... Well, not in Scandal land, which is known for routinely bringing characters back from the near-dead.

There was Fitz Grant, who was shot in the head by one of Huck’s former lovers; Papa Pope, who was stabbed within an inch of his life by his ex-wife and Olivia’s mother; and Jake Ballard, who was carved up like a Christmas ham by B613 agent Russell. And each of them rebounded with not so much as a scratch to speak of. In fact, all three of them look healthier now than they did before they almost died.


So it shouldn’t come as a shock that Huck—with three bullet holes, after bleeding out for hours and while trapped in the trunk of a car that was submerged in a lake—broke out of that car with moments to spare and somehow made it to shore. But he can’t make it any farther without some help.

Huck is confronted by an imaginary version of himself who tells him that it’s 7:52, and once it gets dark, coyotes are going to make a meal out of him. Real Scandal heads will remember that 7:52 was the time when Huck’s estranged son, Javi, got off a Metro car and gave Huck, whom he didn’t know was his dad, a dollar when Huck was living as a homeless person in the station. Imaginary Huck telling Huck it’s 7:52 was Huck’s reminder that he has reasons to live. Well done, Scandal.

Of course, Olivia Pope and Quinn Perkins rally to find Huck before it’s too late. Marcus Walker even comes back from wherever he’s been to help out, but it really gets interesting when Abby Whelan shows up just a few seconds after Jake shows Liv footage of Abby meeting with Sarah and Meg, and Olivia slaps Abby smooth across her grown-lady face not once, not twice, but three times.

Abby swears she didn’t realize that Sarah would hurt Huck, but Olivia tells Abby to sit her $5 ass down before she makes change because she’s not going anywhere until Quinn gets back, and “whatever cliff Quinn wants to go over, I’m going with her.” Abby should have found the nearest window and jumped out of it—hopefully into a busy intersection.


Meanwhile, Quinn and Charlie, Quinn’s fiance, have hunted down Meg, and Quinn is trying to drill Huck’s whereabouts out of Meg. She slices off her finger and runs a rake down Meg’s face, but when Quinn removes the tape from Meg’s mouth, Meg says, “No wonder Huck loved me instead of you.” Well, that does it. Quinn had to slit her throat. She had to. But that means they have no leads.

Just as they’re all giving up on finding Huck, Charlie tells Liv that she’s a miracle worker who makes hell freeze over. Plus, he knows that Quinn is going to need to see a body, so Olivia can’t give up yet. It’s Charlie’s first monologue, and it works!


They suddenly have the bright (read: late) idea to track Jennifer’s last location via her cellphone. Marcus tells Quinn he has to stay behind to keep an eye on Abby, which makes Quinn realize that Abby had something to do with what’s happened to Huck, and like clockwork, Quinn is across the table and on Abby’s ass, but the guys peel her off.

Meanwhile, the cell-tower location leads Olivia and Jake to the quarry to find Huck just in time! At the hospital, they’re told that Huck is stable, but he might have severe brain damage or might not wake up at all. When Huck opens his eyes and sees Quinn, Quinn crawls into the hospital bed with Huck, which Charlie peeps. Well, that’s awkward.


Out of nowhere, Fitz arrives at the hospital and convinces Olivia to forgive Abby, so Olivia sits down next to Abby and holds her hand while Abby breaks down crying.

My guess is that Huck will make a full recovery before Olivia and Abby’s friendship will.

Akilah Green is a recovering Washington, DC lawyer-lobbyist turned TV writer-producer living in Los Angeles.

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