President Fitz Grant (Tony Goldwyn), left, Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) and Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) in Scandal.

Thursday night’s season finale, “The Price of Free and Fair Elections,” was as Scandal-y as Scandal gets. Bombs, blood, tears, lies, alcohol and chic suits with impeccable tailoring were all jam-packed into the last episode. But despite all of the distractions, everyone seems to have been in search of one thing—peace.

Peace, like the election, isn’t free, though. And the season ends with little hope of anyone ever finding it. Jake and Olivia might’ve gotten on a plane in search of their moment in the sun, but where does that leave everyone else? Here’s what each person needs to do to see the light next season.

Quinn needs to work for the good guys. Even though I wanted Quinn more than anyone to die, she’s still alive, and that means she’s still a gladiator. She’s a good guy, and that means she’s better suited to work for the good guys. She’s also in “love” with Huck after only a few romps (one of which occurs in the conference room at OPA). Maybe with a better working environment and a boo, Quinn can finally be happy/interesting again.

Huck needs to leave his family alone and move away forever. Charlie better not get wind that Huck saw his family or he will be as happy as Cyrus with knowledge of the bomb. Out of everyone, Huck is definitely the most damaged. If anyone needs sunshine, it’s him.

The OPA staff needs to go off on their own.  Who’s left? Abby? And maybe Harrison, since he may or may not be dead? It doesn’t matter. Whoever’s left needs to run.


Cyrus needs love. Yes, he’s evil. But nobody’s perfect. Cyrus needs something or someone to show him that there is more to life than the White House.

Sally needs to actually grieve for her husband. If Sally really wants to be a woman of God, losing the election is the best thing that could’ve happened to her. Exploiting a tragedy (like a bomb exploding at a funeral) to win an election is as shady as it gets. And we all know that with Leo by her side, it won’t be the last shady thing she does. If Sally ever wants to serve the Lord as she claims, she should just get out of politics altogether and start a prayer circle.

Mama and Papa Pope both need to go to jail. Forever.

Mellie and Fitz need to go to marriage counseling.  ASAP. There’s still something there between them. They’re both bright and ambitious. They’ve stayed together through two affairs, rape and multiple elections. They also have a family neither of them can abandon. If anyone can make it work, they can.


Jake and Olivia need to stay in the sun. There is a moment in last night’s episode when Liv realizes: “I am the scandal.” And she’s right. Liv is the scandal. The scandal is Liv. It’s like Inception, except it’s not. She really is like a tornado that draws all the worst things. I felt a lot of hope when she got on the plane with the beautiful, blue-eyed Jake. But at this point, we all know that real gladiators never quit.

“Over a cliff.”

Charla Lauriston is a standup comedian and the creator of Clench & Release, a Web series about the frustrations of everyday life in New York City. Follow her on Twitter.