Scandal! First Lady Eats a Hamburger

You know it's a slow news day when Michelle Obama's lunch gets a headline. Oh, wait, it wasn't a slow news day at all — major debt negotiations were under way. In any case, some people are still unable (or unwilling) to reconcile how the first lady could possibly run an anti-obesity program and be "spotted" (as if she really thought she wouldn't be noticed) eating a high-calorie meal this week.

The Post's initial coverage of the story was criticized for being no more than "catnip for the right wing" — and if that's what it was, it seemed to work. Glenn Beck's the Blaze jumped right on the "shocking" meal:

Michelle Obama was spotted at the burger joint Shake Shack in Washington, DC, Monday afternoon. She ordered a burger, French fries, a chocolate milkshake and a Diet Coke (she's watching her figure), according to the Washington Post.

Obama recently admitted French fries are a bit of an addiction for her, but her engorged appetite at Shake Shack still might come as a bit of shock given her primary concern since joining her husband in the White House has been battling child obesity.

Source: the Blaze.

And Fox Nation even let readers know about the exact number of calories (1,556), we suppose so that they could gauge exactly how much outrage over the first lady's "hypocrisy" was appropriate.


Evidently, some people are no more familiar with balance and moderation in food choices than they are with those concepts in politics.

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