“Throughout the making of the film, the thing that I always came back to was the truth of the pain that was at the center of the story of Candyman.” Nia DaCosta shared in part in a video message on Juneteenth. “In the real world, we create monsters of men all the time. People are murdered [and] they become either saints or they’re vilified. Throughout the last year and a half, it was always coming back to that truth.”

She continued, “Horror is a really effective tool when it comes to telling stories about things that impact us on a social level. The very function of it is to make you uncomfortable and I think if that discomfort is attached to explorations of race or gender, you have to then reconcile your feelings about race and gender.”

OK, so maybe I can put my trauma aside for the sake of this film. Between Nia’s explanation and direction, Jordan’s producing prowess, and Yahya’s...well, everything, it may be worth a watch.


But don’t tell my Momma I said that; let’s just keep this between me and you. Cool? Cool.

Candyman hits theaters on August 27.