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Sasha Obama Celebrates Her 10th Birthday

On Friday afternoon, Sasha Obama had a birthday party at a popular D.C. cupcakery, Georgetown Cupcake.


Then also noticed the GCC Range Rover as it arrived packed with heaps of pink balloons, which were carried into the old shop, which now serves as the studio for their TV show, "DC Cupcakes." Soon after the arrival of the balloons a squadron of black cars and one long van turned the corner from Prospect on to Potomac and parked at the front door. All those buff men dressed in "plain clothes" snapped into hyper security mode, quietly telling casual motorists to "move on" and making sure the way was clear.


From the big black van marched a dozen or so young women, including First Daughter Sasha and Malia Obama. Since today, according to Wikipedia, is Sasha's birthday, I think it's fair to assume this was her birthday party. Look closely at the pics and you'll see them both, growing tall, and pretty as ever.

Later that afternoon, she and Malia met up with their parents and their grandmother, Marian Robinson, at Camp David, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.


See pictures of Sasha and Malia arriving at Georgetown Cupcakery here.

In other news: Fat Joe Loses 88 Pounds.

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