Sarah Palin will appear on Fox News on Monday.

Politics Daily is reporting that Sarah Palin will be interviewed on Fox News on Monday, Jan. 17, which just happens to be MLK Day. Palin will sit down with talk-show host Sean Hannity for an extended segment, undoubtedly to discuss her eight-minute video in response to being criticized for her political rhetoric, which some say invokes violent images and language. Palin is a member of the Fox News family, periodically appearing as a contributor and commentator.

While trying to defend herself in the video, Palin used the term "blood libel" for journalists and pundits who linked her rhetoric to the Arizona shootings. She came under fire again for her use of the loaded term, pun intended, which recalls a centuries-old false claim used to justify anti-Semitism. No doubt she'll be talking about that, too.

We won't even discuss how disrespectful it is for this woman to appear on the show on MLK Day. She must be taking her cues from Glenn Beck on how to completely piss off black folks — you know, the unpatriotic, complaining Americans who need to forget about history. Even more ridiculous than that, we're just wondering why anyone is still listening to her.

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