Sarah Huckabee Sanders Continues Her White-Tears Tour Despite Being Satan's Mouthpiece

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, aka Suckabee, is still drinking the White House Kool-Aid—the special blend of indignant righteous and aloof ramblings that allows for unfathomable levels of heartlessness.


On Tuesday, Suckabee had the audacity to claim that she would be a hypocrite if she didn’t treat everybody with respect since that’s the code she instills in her children.

“I’m going to continue to do exactly what I tell my kids to do,” Sanders told the White House press room Fox & Friends. “And that’s to treat everybody with respect, whether I disagree with them or not.”

Because Fox News is on the White House payroll, no one held Sanders feet to the flames. Suckabee has not only been the mouthpiece for Satan’s presidency, she’s been purposefully obtuse and openly insulting. Anyone remember the back and forth she had with CNN’s Jim Acosta in which she was questioned on why the White House was ripping migrant children away from their families? After being insistent and defiant that the White House was merely enforcing a law, she told Acosta that his inability to follow her answer might be because he struggles with even small words.

Or how could any of us forget several dustups she’s had with God’s favorite reporter, April Ryan?

Like this time:

And this time:

Sanders has been on the “I’m merely the vessel doing the lord’s work” tour ever since she was asked to leave a Virginia restaurant for being a heartless tool for the Trump administration.


“I think it’s sad, this situation where politics have gotten,” Suckabee told her family Fox & Friends. “Look, we live in an amazing country and certainly people should be free to disagree but I think that we can do that in a way that is much nicer, that doesn’t call for people to never be able to step foot in public. I’m going to continue to do my job to the very best of my ability. I’m going to continue to always treat people with respect.”

Suckabee, like everyone else complicit in Trump’s vision of making America hate again, refuses to see the role that she plays in being both the perpetrator and the victim.


Suckabee added that she’d been to one restaurant since being kicked out of the the Red Hen but didn’t want to mention the name since she didn’t want to make any problems for Chipotle.

It was totally Chipotle. 

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

*smh* Can’t believe we have to do this again. But I really have no problem doing it in response, till she stops her whining on $175K of the public dime. #Civility #AlwaysClapBack #BishPlz

At least her hate speech is confined to Faux Noise because no other network will put up with her lies and propaganda live.