San Jose Police Looking for White Woman Who Intentionally Coughed in 1-Year-Old’s Face After Altercation With Hispanic Family

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Police in San Jose, Calif., are looking for a probably racist, definitely nasty as hell white woman who appears to have no problem assaulting toddlers of color. The incident occurred on June 12 in a frozen-yogurt shop where the woman reportedly accused a Hispanic family of not social distancing and then later walked over to the family to intentionally cough in a 1-year-old’s face.


The Washington Post reports that the San Jose Police Department released a statement Monday saying they are searching for a woman described as “a white female in her 60s” in connection with the incident that was caught on the yogurt shop’s surveillance cameras.

From the SJPD press release:

On Friday, June 12, 2020, at about 5:25 PM, an assault occurred at Yogurtland, located at 5638 Cottle Road in San Jose. The unknown adult female suspect was standing in line inside the business, in front of an adult female and her 1 year-old child who was in a stroller.

The preliminary investigation revealed the suspect was upset the female was not maintaining proper social distancing, so the suspect removed her face mask, got close to the baby’s face, and coughed 2-3 times. The suspect left the scene and has not been identified or apprehended.

The suspect is described as a white female in her 60s, medium build, wearing a gray bandana, glasses, long sleeve shirt with gray vertical lines, white dress pants, and patterned tennis shoes.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Dan Bowman of the San Jose Police Department’s Assaults Unit at 408-277-4161.

The name of the woman whose son was attacked is Mireya Mora, and she told the Post that she’s pretty sure racism, not a failure to social distance, was what brought on the confrontation.

“I believe it’s racism because the woman in front of me, she did not start harassing me and my family until I started speaking Spanish to my grandmother,” Mora said. “She was super close to the people in front of her, they were also white, she did not tell them anything. She didn’t have a problem with it.”

Mora added that during their argument, Coughing Karen repeatedly told her “You don’t understand,” due to her “not speaking English”—which she obviously does, not that it should matter.

Mora also told the Post that she and her family were following social distancing guidelines. They were wearing masks and keeping their distance. She says that a Yogurtland employee even confirmed they were doing nothing wrong after the white woman—in true Karen fashion—complained to employees about the family.


But none of that really matters because the obvious clue that this woman’s problem with the family had nothing to do with the violation of public health measures was that, after the argument was over and they weren’t even around each other anymore, Nasty Nancy went out of her way to approach the family, pulled down her mask and coughed repeatedly in a baby’s face.

“She coughed on him super hard. It wasn’t an accident,” Mora said. “A person with a heart that cares would not do that to a baby.”


From the Post:

Mora said the woman coughed at least three times before swiftly walking back toward the yogurt machines where she resumed filling her cup.

“My hands were shaking. I couldn’t even speak,” Mora said. “My heart was racing.”

Meanwhile, Mora said other patrons at Yogurtland started yelling at the woman. Not long after, video showed the woman walking purposefully out of the business, the unpaid-for yogurt still in hand.

More than a week has gone by since, yet Mora is still struggling to process what happened.

“It makes me so speechless. I’m still in shock,” she said. “How can someone do this? There’s no way to analyze it, to justify what this woman did.”

Her son, she said, now frequently wakes up in the middle of the night crying and scared, calling for his mother.

“He’s been traumatized,” Mora said, adding that her son was looking up at the woman when she coughed at him.


Hopefully, Germy Genny is caught, charged and convicted for assaulting a child. In fact, she should be charged with terrorism as others have been for intentionally coughing on people regardless of whether or not they actually have COVID-19.

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