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San Francisco State University Launches Investigation of Black Student Confronting White Student With Dreadlocks

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to confront someone you think is appropriating an aspect of your culture. And one student could find herself on the wrong side of things after a video went viral.

San Francisco State has launched an investigation after a video of a black student confronting a white student was posted online.

The young black woman apparently took issue with the white guy’s choice of hairstyle. In the video, she can be heard telling him that he is appropriating her culture. 

“You’re saying that I can’t have a hairstyle because of your culture? Why?” the man says.


“Because it’s my culture,” she says.

He then goes on to state that Egyptian people also wore dreads.

“Are you Egyptian? Nah, man, you’re not,” he says.

She then asks, “Wait, where’s Egypt? Tell me.”

It is at that point that the guy appears to attempt to walk away.

“You know what, girl. You have no right to tell me what I cannot wear,” he says.

Then the woman appears to do the wrong thing. She grabs him.

“Yo, stop touching me right now,” the man says.

She keeps on grabbing him.

“I don’t need your disrespect,” the man says.

That’s when the woman notices someone recording the scene. And she asks the person why.

“Just for everyone’s safety,” the cameraman says.

See, there were so many unnecessary things going on. So much so, the university released a statement:

We are aware of the video made of an incident which occurred on campus yesterday afternoon. University police were called to the scene of the incident when it occurred. The two individuals involved in the incident are not San Francisco State University employees. Further, no criminal charges have been pressed at this time to the university’s knowledge.

San Francisco State University promotes the rights of the campus community to engage in free speech, but does not condone behavior that impedes the safety or well-being of others. We are taking the matter seriously and will promptly and thoroughly investigate this incident through applicable university channels, including our campus student conduct procedures.


You don’t have to prove your point by touching people. That should be a given. Also, she better hope she isn’t expelled over this incident.