Samuel Jackson Reads 'Go the F--- to Sleep,' and More

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Samuel Jackson reads Go the F—- to Sleep: When novelist and author Adam Mansbach was dealing with his daughter's countless sleepless nights, he took to writing down his feelings on the fairly frustrating matter. What resulted was Go the F—- To Sleep, a picture book expressing many parents' most frustrated bedtime sentiments. Now you can download the whole thing, read by Samuel L. Jackson (warning: NSFW).

Favorite on-screen fathers: They're not all perfect, but maybe that's part of their charm. 

North-South Sudan conflict leaves dozens dead: A U.N. humanitarian report and dozens caught in the cross-fire have reported an increase in violence near the border between North and South Sudan, with dozens killed in attacks. 


Chaka Khan to lobby for autism awareness: Yesterday, Chaka Khan testified before Congress, encouraging the awareness of the Combating Autism Act, which is set to expire this year. She focused on the recent uptick in the condition among black and Latino boys but said, "It's a struggle for mankind. This transcends everything, all the little petty groups.”

In other news: VIDEO: Full Trial Ahead for Teen Counselor McFarland.

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