Rutgers Basketball and the Pandemic of Abuse towards Men

Writer Mark Jefferson
Writer Mark Jefferson

Mark Jefferson writes:

Before his firing, Rutgers, the newest member of the Big Ten conference, sought to manage the negativity that firing their basketball coach would bring upon the lucrative arrangement they brokered; and decided upon a soft punishment, instead of the a punishment that was fitting of the offense. A three-game suspension and a $50,000 fine is essentially sending your child to his room without TV for burning down the rest of the house. The most appalling part of this punishment is that the coach was then placed on a zero-tolerance policy. That means, after you harm another student athlete, we will then fire you. We are going to put you in position to do the same thing and risk the safety of someone else’s child and hope you won’t. This choice is the highest form of self-serving and buttocks covering arrogance. The president deserves to be fired also. His flagrant disregard and willful ignorance about the safety of the very young people he is charged to protect and develop displays a micro-indifference that is endemic in the larger fabric of intercollegiate athletics.


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